This is a small function i wrote in C# to calculate the density of say twitter posts or events … it takes as a parameter a list of UNIX timestamps. It can be easily moddified to get a list of DateTime items.
[csharp]private static DateTime ConvertFromUnixTimestamp(double timestamp)
DateTime origin = new DateTime(1970, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0);
return origin.AddSeconds(timestamp);

public Dictionary<int, int> CalculateDensity(List<int> timestamps)
// the Key represents the hour ,
// and the value represents the number of timestamps sent during a given hour
var converted = new Dictionary<int, int>();

foreach (var stamp in timestamps)
var hour = ConvertFromUnixTimestamp(stamp);

if (converted.ContainsKey(hour.Hour))
converted.Add(hour.Hour, 1);
return converted;

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2 Responses to Calculating density of posts/items/events etc .. over 24 hr period

  1. avioli says:

    density, not dAnsity

  2. Никола says:

    thanks , i will update

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