Shut up , shut up , shut up !

JD: Honestly? The only thing that gives me comfort, you guys, is while I’m sitting at home, staring at the ceiling, just wishing that I had someone to talk to, is knowing that none of you idiots realize how lucky you are!

JD : I don’t think people are meant to be by themselves.
That’s why if you actually find someone you care about , it’s important to let go of the little things… even if you can’t let go all the way.
Because nothing sucks more than feeling all alone, no matter how many people are around.

хм … мисля да направя отделна категория само за rants …

you can all go suck a dick

You’re all backstabbing bitches and bastards who judge people on their looks and not personalities. You judge, you lie, you deceive and you think that anything slightly over a fine line is the extreme. You don’t kiss someone, you’re frigid. You kiss someone, you’re a slut. You don’t wear makeup, you’re ugly. You wear makeup, you’re plastic. You let people in straight away, you’re easy. You take a bit of time to let people in, you’re too hard to get along with. Let me clear this up for you. Nobody is perfect, everyone’s different, and no matter WHAT you all think, you can all go suck a dick because your judgmental opinion doesn’t matter to any of us.


Толкова много шум, имам нужда от хора за да спра шума. You can’t feel it any more , neither can I . But I feel that something is missing. Once upon a time in the past there was a future princes stuck living in the now. So if I may ask , where is the moon? 
Howdy , how do you do? I don’t wan…. Wait have you noticed ? You are alone down there!!! Oh , hi my name is Dick and I’m pain in the ass! This place is flatter than it seems. Get educated I hate stupid people. H8 is gr8 … It almost works !almost. Unless you are a penguin searching for a pebble. But wait why are you searching for a pebble you have no m8? It’s just you against he world …. And the snow. And the sharks. Деца , моля не пийте чудовища. Have you ever wondered how the boy feels? He doesn’t … Ok I lied, sue me. If I was a flower growing wild and free all I’d want is you to be my sweet honeybee.  Oui, fin.

P.s. Let’s run away together!

Изблици на лудост

Реших да си побликувам всички идиодщини които измисля 😀 ето и първата публикувана 🙂

“Some people say im wise man , some people say im crazy , I think i should stop smoking weed “