Толкова много шум, имам нужда от хора за да спра шума. You can’t feel it any more , neither can I . But I feel that something is missing. Once upon a time in the past there was a future princes stuck living in the now. So if I may ask , where is the moon? 
Howdy , how do you do? I don’t wan…. Wait have you noticed ? You are alone down there!!! Oh , hi my name is Dick and I’m pain in the ass! This place is flatter than it seems. Get educated I hate stupid people. H8 is gr8 … It almost works !almost. Unless you are a penguin searching for a pebble. But wait why are you searching for a pebble you have no m8? It’s just you against he world …. And the snow. And the sharks. Деца , моля не пийте чудовища. Have you ever wondered how the boy feels? He doesn’t … Ok I lied, sue me. If I was a flower growing wild and free all I’d want is you to be my sweet honeybee.  Oui, fin.

P.s. Let’s run away together!

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