5 things I look for in a woman

  1. Humor.
    The ability to laugh and smile and not take life too seriously.
  2. Creativity
    The ability to create whether it is art, design, music or some other creative field.
  3. Passion
    The ability to follow your heart and let it guide all your actions.
  4. Uninhibited
    The ability to live free from all that which suppresses and restrains.
  5. Intelligence
    Intelligence is sexy. Being a nerd is sexy. Being a bookworm is sexy. Knowing contemporary culture is sexy.

Склонен съм да направя компромис с до 2 от гореспоменатите неща (:

2 Replies to “5 things I look for in a woman”

  1. Хаха. Найс! Пък да знаеш след 10 години колко по – дълъг ще ти е листинга с изисквания:)))))

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