Can you do it ? – they asked – anyone can do it – i said , i don’t think they believe me , though.
you see, for as long as i remember , i have pushed myself to do what normal people would consider impossible.
I’m always on the edge. Dancing the blade of perfection. Really is no room for error. to not be in control, its game over.
you think beyond the walls , beyond boundaries , pushing mind to accept that there are none ,
its only impossible because you’ve been told it is. you need to be a master of your environment , not a servant to it.
When i realized this , everything changed. What was down , become up , what was long became short , liquid became solid.
These days nothing is what it seems. Thats when i did my slip. See , i was looking where my hand should’ve been, and it wasn’t.
Like i said I’m not special , anyone can do this,just need to know what button to press.

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