My Manifesto

I want to make a living from what I love to do. I want to follow my interests and goals. It is very simple and harmless, so why do you try and stop us? Why do you try to shut us out? Why do you build barriers? Why do you manipulate our government to pass laws and legislation that are against us?
You once had the clenching fist, you had the perfect system, you had control, but now we have the power, we can reach millions where once, we could not. We can spread and grow faster than you can frantically and clumsy stomp us out. Buy us? never, we stand alone and together, we don’t need you. We have built our own community, we have fortified a structure to our own system, we, unlike you, care about the well being each other over the corporation, we don’t fire our friends to meet a quarterly profit. We like our work and appreciate people wanting it and wanting to share it, we do not sue our fans. So now, as your locked away billions and millions melt away, it’ll feed those who never had the chance. It’ll feed curiosity, innovation, learning, it’ll stimulate education into the brainless meat babies you have made our nation into. I am a programmer, I am a musician, I am a graphics artist, and this is my manifesto.